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  • Rustic candles

    Solid candles of different shapes.

  • Tea lights

    Small candles to use inside wax lantern candles or in any tealight holders.

  • Natural candles
  • Pillar candles

    Unscented pillar candle. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, wedding planners and events. Also to be used in our wax lanternsSolid candles to use inside wax lanterns and special holders.

  • Taper candles

    Classic candles 25cm long.

  • Floating candles

    Floating candles. Ideal to use in small basins and swimming pools.

  • Antimosquito candles
  • Outdoor candles

    Garden candles

  • Led candles

    Candles LED wax without flame, with timer of 4 or 8 hours and remote control.

    Enjoy authentic wax candles without the hassle of melted wax and the danger of flames.

    Flameless candles are safe to use with children and pets, as well as for use near curtains, beds, and other household furniture. The remote control allows you to use flameless candles in high and difficult access areas such as shelves or even lamps.

  • Scented candles

    100% Natural & ecologic candles, bee wax, vegetal wax 

  • Candles in Glasses
  • Shaped candles
  • Candles accessories

    Sand, and other accessories not categorized.

Handcrafted candles. Scented candles and floating candles. Large variety of colors and scents. Swimming pool candles and floating candles.