Nuestros orígenes

Nuestros orígenes
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Man has always admired nature at large : plains and its horizons,  mighty mountains, oceans, never missing its date with the shores, and above all hypnotizing fire.

Ever since man discovered and mastered fire it became the symbol not only of a way of fighting darkness and cold but also as a mystic icon of home.

Candles were the next step. Used by man both as a means of lighting and enlightment, they were essential elements made out of a natural and simple material: wax.

The history of Velas de la Ballena starts in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1997.

Punta del Este is also called the St Tropez of South America: Beautiful beaches, exclusive resort tradition, famous nightlife and glamorous environments.

The sun is setting, you can see the bay, Solana’s beach which is the meeting place of the “happy few” in the Uruguayan coast.

In their house built on one side of Punta Ballena’s hill the Martinez Monzon brothers create their fist works of art in wax, inspired by the warm colors of the sunset and the fresh odors coming from the sea.

They conceived them out of the need of creating harmony and beauty to be used in the most valued corners of mansions in the area and for the most exclusive events carried out in that city.

On the beaches of Punta del Este and over 15 cities across the globe, the works of art from Velas de la Ballena were an overnight success. Practical and comfortable, colorful and trendy. A new brand had been born.

Velas de la Ballena’s candles  have become a distinctive trait of Punta del Este.

They are a product that links the basic, elementary elements with the sophistication of what’s glamorous and trendy.

These candles represent an object of beauty and decoration in itself and bestow our environment with a unique embellishing touch weather lit, by creating the coziest and original atmospheres while imbuing it with unique scents, or if they are not, by their sophisticated and original beauty.

The Fanales (Wax Candle holders) do not melt, a small candle placed inside burns giving a warm illumination effect.

They are available in several sizes and in a wide range of colours, enabling you to create all types of combinations in your home or business.

All of them are made of pure simple elements and give off a pleasant fragrance that is present in their composition.

Square: They are perfect to form colour stairs, they give out an intense light in the centre rather than in the corners, thus producing a very special effect.

Cylinders: They are optimal to create warm and elegant atmospheres with their different sizes.

Bowls :  they can float in water, that’s why they are special for swimming pools, fountains or water sources. Due to the uniformity of their lighting, they resemble precious floating spheres of light.


Give a magic glow to your environment!