Citronella Glass candle 40 HS .. - 24 units box

    Citronella Glass candle 24 HS

    Reference Vaso antimosquito

    Product Dimensions: 8 ø 9 cm. height.

    Burning time: 24 hs.

    Repel mosquitoes with this citronella candle, which comes in an elegant and durable format. This anti-shake candle lasts 24 hours and is perfect to use in restaurants and open spaces. Enjoy the evening without the annoying mosquitoes.

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    Velas de la Ballena has the anti-mosquito citronella candle in this very practical format for outdoors and enclosed and wide places. The candle comes in a textured transparent glass glass shaped like a tulip, which gives it an elegant character to accompany the evenings, whether they are in one of the country areas or in the busy city.

    Citronella has several names, among which lemongrass, lemongrass (in English) or citronelle (in French). The plant comes from Southeast Asia and there are almost 30 different varieties, among which the cymbopogon citratus, better known as the mosquito citronella.

    Citronella is widely used in cosmetics for its benefits, but its main use is as an insect repellent. Its pleasant fragrance is an effective repellent against mosquitoes. Therefore, its candle format is perfect to keep the rooms with a pleasant fresh aroma and free of annoying mosquitoes. Opt for this glass glass with mosquito citronella candle to enjoy the summer evenings without bites.

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