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floating candles online
floating candles online
floating candles online

Floating candle 8 ø x 4 cm H.

Reference Flotante 4x 8 cm Alto

Burning time: 12 hs.

This floating candle can be lit by both ends. It is perfect to give a magical touch to your home, a wedding or any other special celebration.

Available Colors
  • White
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Velas de la Ballena offer this floating candle in white color and scentless, but with a wick that can be lit from both sides. This characteristic makes it perfect to adapt to any decorative idea. The candle adds a magical touch to any special occasion, be it a romantic dinner or a great wedding. Also, it can be used in home centerpieces or for relaxing moments in the bathtub.

Decorating with candles is very simple and its creative possibilities are endless. This candle can be on its own or in sets inside a bowl, fountain or any other container with water. The arrangements with this floating scentless candle are perfect to get out of the routine and give a soft glow to the atmosphere. In Velas de la Ballena you can also find handmade wax containers to place the floating candles in and give your events and spaces an elegant touch.

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