where to buy floating candles
where to buy floating candles
    where to buy floating candles
    where to buy floating candles

    Floating Candle 7 ø x 3 cm. h. - Bag 10 units

    Reference Flotante 7 ø x 3 cm

    Product Dimensions: 7 ø x 3 cm. Alto

    Burning time: 7 hs.

    Bag 10 floating candles.

    Floating candle, in white color. Ideal for hospitality and events.

    Floating candles give a magical touch to home environments, a ceremony or a special dinner. In Velas de la Ballena you will find a wide variety of sizes so you can combine them with the different decorative ideas you have.


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    In Velas de la Ballena you will find several sizes of floating candles in white color and without perfume, that adapt to any decorative idea. They are perfect to add a magical touch to any special occasion, be it a romantic dinner or a great wedding. Also, they can be used in home centerpieces or placed inside glasses with water to enjoy a relaxing moment in the bathtub.

    Its use is very simple and its decorative possibilities are endless. They can be alone or in sets inside a bowl, fountain or other container with water. Also, they can be placed next to flowers or petals, either in the water or floating next to these candles. Arrangements with perfumeless floating candles are the option to get out of the routine and fill the places with their dim light. In Velas de la Ballena you can also find handmade wax containers to place the floating candles and give your events and spaces an elegant touch.

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