pillar candles wholesale
pillar candles wholesale
pillar candles wholesale
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pillar candles wholesale
pillar candles wholesale
pillar candles wholesale

Pillar Candles 4 ø x 6 cm. Height - 48 units box

Reference Vela Taco 4x6 - Color Hueso 150
  • Burning time of each candle is 7 hours
  • Price can change depending of the color

Box x 48 units of unscented pillar candle.

Are you planning an event and want to give it a special atmosphere? Velas de la Ballena has this practical pack of pillar candles. You will be able to create centerpieces to light up the room as you wish. The pillar candles has a classic and smooth cylindrical shape that suits any decoration idea you have in mind.

Available Colors
  • Bone

(€0.52 Precio/unidad)

¡Envío gratis a partir de 242€ en Peninsula! Envío en 48 hs.


In order to facilitate the work of any wedding planner, interior designer or professional, who seeks to light up their spaces with the warmth of the light of a candle, Velas de la Ballena sets pillar candle packages from six to eight units, depending on their size and diameters. They are available in three different colors; semi-satin smooth finish, white, ivory, and red. These candles are unscented and they consume inwards, so they will keep the decoration clean. They can be used in centerpieces, as well as to light up the tables of a restaurant or give a spot of light in the room to add personality to the place.

If you have any questions about the amount you need, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you and will advise you in your online purchase. You can also go to our Velas de la Ballena stores located in Madrid and Marbella.

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