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Big happy buddha

Reference Buda gigante

Product Dimensions: 20 ø x 27 cm. Height.

Burning time: 200 h.

His big smile and good-natured body fill with happiness just to see it. The cheerful Buddha of the Whale Sails is one of the Buddha figures that fill with optimism and positivity, that's why it is a perfect gift full of good wishes.

Available Colors
  • Ebony 360
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There are six representations of Happy Buddhas, one for longevity, harmony, abundance or for happiness, like our joyful Buddha candle. According to Feng Shui, this Buddha of happiness is drunk from placing in the southwest area of the room to activate his energy.

The image of this Buddha is well known for its bulky and bulging abdomen, but above all, for its great smile (which is contagious). This Buddha is actually a monk who has the name of Hotei in Japan and Budai or Pu-Tai in China, and is one of the most beloved representations in Buddhism. It is said that he carried a huge sack from which he took sweets and toys. It favors the channeling of personal challenges for growth in all areas of life. His figure radiates confidence and teaches us that all obstacles can be overcome with serenity and joy. This artisan candle from the happy Buddha is the perfect gift to fill others with happiness.

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