Wax lantern buddha head shaped
Wax lantern buddha head shaped
    Wax lantern buddha head shaped
    Wax lantern buddha head shaped

    Wax lantern buddha head shaped

    Reference Color Hueso 150

    One of our most characteristic wax lantern is the one with the shape of a Buddha's head. Perfect for decorating the living room at home, for a yoga room or a meditation one. Let yourself be carried away by the peace and relaxing mood it generates.

    Available Colors
    • White
    • Bone
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    The serenity of Buddha's face radiates with the candle that is lit inside this lantern. The Buddha head has the distinctive elements of Buddha such as the hairstyle, which symbolizes meditation and spiritual life. The closed eyes are synonymous with concentrated meditation. The eyelids are shaped like lotus petals evoking spiritual concentration. The serene smile is the inner balance and the long lobes of the ears are synonymous with Buddha’s wisdom and his ability to listen.

    This small Buddha head wax lantern is a perfect choice to fill the home with peace and serenity transmitted through the relaxing mood of the decorative candlelight. The best places to place this lantern are in the living room or in a meditation room. This wax lantern being lit with a tea candle will highlight the detailed features of Buddha's face.

    The instructions for an everlasting use are very easy: fill the interior of the Buddha head wax lantern with about 2 centimeters of scented Velas de la Ballena’s salt, place the tea light candle in the center and do not move it while it is burning. It is recommended that the lantern is not exposed to direct sunlight, but it can be used to light the terrace at nightfall while enjoying a peaceful night.

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