Pineapple Candle
Pineapple Candle
Pineapple Candle
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Pineapple Candle
Pineapple Candle
Pineapple Candle

Pineapple candle

Reference Color Blanco 110

The lotus flower means wisdom and spiritual purity in Buddhism and it is one of the most important symbols in this religion. This decorative candle in the shape of a lotus flower is designed like a mandala, which will also light up your home.

Available Colors
  • White
  • Bone
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Buddhism uses eight symbols of protection, such as the conch shell, Buddha's eyes or the infinite knot; the lotus flower is one of the most widespread in the West. Legend says that when Buddha started to walk, in each step he took, a lotus appeared. This aquatic flower represents wisdom and purity, since it has the ability to float on water. It is said that the more turbid the water, the flower will be more beautiful and its fragrance sweeter.

Every color of the lotus has a different meaning. The pink tone is the most important since it is related to the earthly Buddha. The blue lotus is about common sense. The white one is the spiritual connection. The red color is also called the flower of Buddha's compassion. Violet is mysticism. The lotus flower with the closed petals, like our decorative candle, represents all the possibilities people have to achieve their dreams. This lotus shape is the most related to the human being, while the others are from a cosmic vision.

The decorative candle with the shape of a closed lotus flower, which gives the appearance of a pineapple, is a symmetrical figure that is compared to the mandala. Decorate your spaces with this candle to give balance and purity.

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