owl shape candles
owl shape candles
    owl shape candles
    owl shape candles

    Owl shaped candle

    Reference Color Blanco 110

    Illuminate the wisdom with this handcrafted owl shaped candle. This night creature combines not only the internal knowledge, but it’s also the messenger between the terrestrial and spiritual worlds.

    Available Colors
    • White
    • Bone
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    The owl is a nocturnal animal with an enviable vision. Because of their ability to see everything with their big eyes, in several cultures they are considered to be the guardian of the night. It is also the guardian of souls, who leaves the physical world to the spiritual one. In Ancient Greece this creature was related to the goddess wisdom, Athena. Currently, they are more related to education and intelligence, so the owl always wears a graduation cap.

    Velas de la Ballena has this handmade owl shaped candle for those people, who are fascinated by this mystical creature. In addition, it is perfect to give away the idea of ​​wisdom, knowledge, independence, courage, protection and reincarnation.

    This decorative candle can be placed both in bedrooms and in the living room, but it can also decorate other areas of the home. Because of its long duration, it is ideal to illuminate those nights when one wants to relax and meditate.

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