circular candles

    Spherical hollow Candle - 40 cm. ø

    Reference VAS100 Blanco 110

    Hollow spherical wax candle. Produced by hand, with a rustic finish, they give off a pleasant aroma of Lavender with Jasmine or Orchids with Roses.

    Available Colors
    • White
    • Cream
    • Bone
    • Orange 410
    • Red 510
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    Use a candle inside to spread a wonderful glow through the wax. The candle flame illuminates the lantern from the inside, 
    creating an incredibly warm and magical atmosphere

    Tips for better use:

    Place a level layer of 1 cm. of coarse salt, sand or rice inside the fanal.

    See "You might also like" below, which inner candle is the most suitable for this model of lantern. 
    The inner candle should be placed centered to avoid burning the walls of it.

    Do not expose the hollow candle or lantern to the sun.

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