Maxitealigth x 12 PCS (10 hr.)

Reference Maxitealight

Product Dimensions: 5,9 ø x 2,35 cm. Height.

Burning time: 10 h.

You’ve never seen anything like this before! The ten-hour tealight gives such a powerful lighting. This candle is a must-have to light up all kinds of events for long hours and is perfect for theVelas de la Ballena’s medium wax lantern. The tealight comes in a comfortable package of 12 units.

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The maxi tealights fill every space with a warm glow to create an intimate and special atmosphere. This candle is larger than the conventional size to ensure a long duration. Our tealights are a versatile lighting accessory, since they can be used as a solitary piece or in combination with a candle holder or other décor elements.

The package comes with 12 maxi tealights that last 10 hours each. The candles are made of paraffin without scent, so they can be used at any occasion. Thanks to these attributes our candles are used by interior designers and wedding planners for decoration, lighting up any venue. Due to their long duration, they are perfect for creating sources of light on the tables of a restaurant, cafeteria or bar. Also, the maxi tealights are the perfect size for the Velas de la Ballena'smedium wax lanterns.

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