On the Costa del Sol we have our magnificent showroom, where you can enjoy our entire catalog of candles live, so you can appreciate their aromas, colors, sizes and weights.

Here we sell candles to both wholesalers and individuals. You can find handmade candles for every occasion, hollow or fanal candles, solid, 100% natural, soy candles and RENT CANDLES FOR SPECIAL EVENTS.

Here we will advise you and offer solutions to make your events a success!

Do you want to make your own candles? You will find all the MATERIALS necessary to make them. Live you can try the perfumes, see the different waxes, highlights etc etc. In addition, here is our candle factory, where we make each candle by hand, thus giving a unique character to each creation with the best qualities on the market. You will discover all the novelties in candles, the designs in decorative candles as well as the colors and aromas in seasonal candles.


Your visit is an interesting experience that allows you to appreciate the importance of craftsmanship and tradition.


Velas de la Ballena - Candle factory & Sales

Tel/whatsapp: 952 82 31 64

Monday - friday: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

email: info@velasdelaballena.es

After hours we serve by appointment, call us and we will make an appointment!