Velas de la Ballena is the official supplier of candles and wax lanterns to numerous florists, hotels, restaurants, wedding planners, decoration studios, production companies, hospitality, nurseries and event halls at a national and international level.

Our catalog includes all types of solutions related to candle lighting, standing out for a wide variety of high consumption candles at the best market prices for professionals and individuals.

The Velas de la Ballena lanterns, as well as their high-consumption candles (tea lights and taco candles), provide the most appropriate warmth for events such as weddings, celebrations, or also intimate dinners, in which the place, the gastronomy and Candle lighting produces the magic that makes an event unique.

We currently ship to the entire European Union.

Do you need to buy candles wholesale?

When decorating your hospitality business, it is always important to be able to purchase the elements that will be part of that decoration in advance. In the case of wholesale candles, it is always a practical option to be able to have a more harmonious and elegant visual line, a characteristic of candles that always end up standing out in the places where they are included as part of a decorative line.


Candles to decorate your hospitality business

In the case of the hospitality industry, wholesale candles are the most practical and economical option, in addition to how easy they are to replace and store, in decoration they allow for that harmonious touch in spaces, they are always appreciated by guests. Depending on the type of candles, they could be placed in certain areas to also serve as decorative elements.


Another great advantage when buying candles by the box is that they can be adapted to the seasons, renewing the decoration style of each room or common areas by simply changing the color or shape of the candles. By having a large number of candles, replacing them depending on the season will be very easy. By purchasing a larger quantity, uniformity in its characteristics can be maintained.

Wholesale candles for outdoor areas

Wholesale candles are ideal for decorating common areas due to their multifunctionality. Scented candles are ideal for giving that harmonious touch to areas where many people pass by (for example, terraces). Due to their aroma they always manage to stop those passing by so that they can identify the fragrance, many times that memory remains in people's memories and that is why selecting this type of candles is a great idea.


Small candles can also be used in common areas to complement the lighting at night. The lit candles give it that intimate, elegant and even romantic touch, with the correct decoration elements they end up being a good success when it comes to surprising guests, as well as creating a pleasant work atmosphere that motivates the entire team to work. perform their jobs better.

Candle Catalog

Our catalog includes different presentations of candles for businesses and events, each one with its own characteristics that adapt to the needs of any business related to hospitality or catering, offering wholesale rates. Among the most requested presentations are candles in glass glasses, these candles do not contain aroma and have the capacity to last up to 20 hours; They are really practical since with this presentation, they are ready to decorate.


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