SQUARE 10x10x10
SQUARE 10x10x10
SQUARE 10x10x10
    SQUARE 10x10x10
    SQUARE 10x10x10
    SQUARE 10x10x10

    Square hollow candle - 10 x 10 x 10 cm. Height

    Reference Cua10 Blanco 110
    Candle or handmade wax lantern with a square shape.
    (If you want any other color, click here and write to us).
    Available Colors
    • White
    • Cream
    • Bone
    • Orange 410
    • Red 510
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    Uses a candle inside to diffuse a wonderful glow through the wax. The flame from the candle lights the fanal from within, producing an amazing ambience and beauty.

    Due to the handmade process, scents vary, but include subtle combinations of jasmine, vanilla, rose and orchid. Our current range is 'rustic' which gives the outside of the fanal a waxy, not shiny finish. 
    Directions for use:
    Place 1 salt bag in the base of the wax lantern. Ensure the wax lantern and salt are level. SQUARE 10x10x10 wax lantern require 1 unit of tealight over the salt. This should be placed in the centre of the salt/wax lantern. Do not expose the fanal under the sun. 
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