A brand is usually not something manufactured in a laboratory or with strategic planning and cold behind, in most cases, a brand is the result of a human story, vital, that develops based on emotions and dreams.

And that is the story of Velas de la Ballena, which is the story of the Martínez Monzón brothers.

Velas de la Ballena is a brand that even its name takes from its own essence, since it was born in 1997 in Punta Ballena, Punta del Este, Uruguay. His name is the name of the cradle in which he was born and grew up.

In Punta Ballena, the brothers Sebastián and Maximiliano Martínez Monzón mounted their first candle workshop, and in it they created their first work of art made in wax, inspired by the warm colors of the sunset and the refreshing aromas of the sea from that corner of the world so special .

And like all brands that grow, do not grow by chance, but the result of effort, perseverance and much, much work.

In 1998, Maximiliano takes the brand to Argentina, settles in Buenos Aires and works hard to gain a foothold in a market that ends up conquering, making it popular in many areas of Argentine society and appearing even in the main national television programs.

Already in 2002, the other two brothers, Sebastian and Alexis, take the brand to Spain and Europe, with its headquarters in Marbella, open several points of sale and supply their creations to the retail market and professionals, with their own stores currently in Marbella and Madrid.

Many of the events and celebrations in the areas where it is present, are decorated with candles from the extensive catalog of Velas de la Ballena, television productions, weddings, openings, big dinners, in hotels and restaurants ..., you can find the light of this brand.

Velas de la Ballena quickly became a distinctive feature of cities such as Punta del Este, Buenos Aires, Marbella and Madrid. But it has not stopped growing, and now it can also be found in countries such as Sweden, Scotland, Austria or Portugal.

Each of his works is conceived in order to add harmony and beauty to the most valuable places of those places that will decorate or illuminate, with elegance, class, style, and with the largest variety of colors and options on the market , not in vain, are chosen by many decorating and event management professionals.

Velas de la Ballena, a modern and colorful brand that saw the light on the beaches of Punta del Este and now you can find it in more than 15 cities around the world, with works of art in wax that have become a great success, as its beacons, and that continues working to continue reaping successes.

As we told you at the beginning, not only was a new brand born, a living entity was born, a history of emotions and perseverance, of dreams and of the future, and every time someone in your home, in a romantic dinner, in a celebration ... , lights one of his creations and enjoys its light and warmth, gives full meaning to the concept with which Velas de la Ballena was conceived by Sebastián, Maximiliano and Alexis.


Give a magic glow to your environment!